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You don't have to be in a certain city to get a great education from the best teachers in the world.

We've grown into a team of eight teachers since the beginning of 2020.

You can become a great designer without ever having to leave your home or office. We're remote, bootstrapped, and on a mission to help new and experienced designers transform their presentations for work or school.

We're on a mission to help designers transform their careers.

We believe in learn-by-doing, so we offer online Bootcamps that teach you how to design and collaborate live in the latest real-time design tools. Our approach is hands-on and fun, and we have a 100% completion rate with 5/5 reviews from all of our alumni.

Our virtual classrooms are just like the traditional classroom setting, but with one major difference - you can learn from anywhere in the world. That means no more expensive rent prices or long commutes. Plus, our class sizes are limited to fifteen students, so each student gets the personal attention they deserve.

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"With GoClass, you'll get an affordable education that's on par with the most prestigious schools in the world."
Aisha  Bashar
Founder of GOCLASS

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